Together with 11 other Eindhoven based designers, we are leaving this week for Highpoint, Texas, America. This is where the High Point Market takes place twice a year. This is a design fair that aims to revitalize the city with an eye on design and the production of design articles. During this fair, a lot of people flock to the normally 'empty' city.

It was a deliberate choice that we would only go with people from Eindhoven, because Eindhoven is characterized as a real design city with annual world-famous events such as the Dutch Design Week. The people from Eindhoven have knowledge of design and can take a fresh look at Highpoint.
The idea is that Highpoint, just like Eindhoven, will acquire a designer character that will make the city attractive again to work and live in.

The industrial character of this city makes it a very interesting option. It used to be a factory town, but in recent decades many factories have become underutilized as the production of goods has largely been outsourced to cheaper manufacturing countries like China and India.

It is important that some of the production now be brought back to these underutilized factories, so that more work will be available, which in turn will lead to more people moving into the city. The government is also making a strong commitment to the city''s renewal

For us it is very interesting because in this way we can see if we can also produce in America for our customers there. This way we know for sure that there are good working conditions for the workers and we can increase our audience enormously.

We are very much looking forward to this adventure and want to thank @johnm_travels for this opportunity to make a wonderful journey. We are going to fully commit ourselves to bring our fresh perspective and innovative ideas to this city.
Are you curious how it went? watch our video on instagram  
Written by Geertje Eek