TWEEK= TWin sisters EEK 


We are TWEEK, twin sisters Roos & Geertje Eek. Full of energy and enthusiasm we started a jewelry label together. We designed and created four collections in our studio based in Eindhoven. Our expertise and qualities fit together perfectly as both have different backgrounds. Roos has a background in metalwork which gives her insight into what is possible in today's metal industry, and Geertje has experience  s a product designer. We are able to combine this knowledge to design the jewellery we produce today.We are not a traditional jewelry brand, we are unique in several areas with the greatest distinction being the way our jewelry is designed and produced. Today’s jewelry brands often have their products made in China or India. Normally producing in the Netherlands is unpayable, so it almost makes sense to go abroad. This is not our style. We are involved in every step and this includes the production process. We work together with several companies in the Netherlands, for example the high tech or furniture industry, they have factories with robust machines and we have found a way to produce our jewelry with these machines. 

The machines and materials are important it gives our jewelry a robust appearance in contrast to their elegant design. It is the combination of these three factors that make it innovative, timeless, rough and elegant.