We are twin sisters Roos and Geertje Eek. Full of energy and enthusiasm we started Tweek. Our expertise and qualities fit perfectly together. Roos has a background in metalwork and Geertje has experience in product design. Because of these qualities and the ability to combine our knowledge and skills we are able to design and produce in the unique way that we are currently doing.
So far we have created five collections in our studio based in Eindhoven. The massive machines we use for production are not originally meant to produce jewelry, but are intended for the furniture or high-tech industry. We found a way to create our designs with these kinds of machines allowing us to pursue one of our core values, which is producing exclusively in the Netherlands. We care deeply about every piece that leaves our studio and in this way we are involved in every step of the way. This allows us to ensure the high quality of our products at a fair price. The machines and materials used give our jewelry a robust look in contrast to their elegant design. It is the combination of these factors that makes our pieces innovative, timeless, rough and yet elegant.






All of our collections are locally produced. We work with factories that normally do not manufacture jewelry, but are often active in the high-tech or furniture industry. Creating our jewelry in this unique way makes it possible for us to produce exclusively in the Netherlands, where we can closely monitor the process. This is very important for the sustainable end-result of our jewelry.



We value every step of the production process and want to keep a close eye on it, this has been a core value from the beginning. This forced us to look for ways to produce close to home. We started working with factories that operate in the furniture and high-tech industries. During our production process we use huge machines, for example we use a pressing machine and a punching machine, both enormously powerful and normally never used for the production of jewelry. We design in such a way that our jewelry can be made with these types of machines and this inspires us to create innovative and unique pieces.



Our designs are produced in a variety of ways and each collection has its own story. From the materials we work with to the machines we use to create our pieces. We produce with massive machines which gives the jewelry a rough look. Yet we also want to exude elegance and we achieve this through our way of designing. The combination of these two factors creates the appealing character of Tweek-Eek jewelry pieces



For our collections, we upcycle as much as we can. About 90% of our jewelry is made from residual metals from a furniture factory, such as brass, stainless steel and copper. We also reuse leftover fabric and other materials during the metalworking process, which contributes to Tweek-Eek's unique aesthetic. We always see it as a challenge to work with residual materials and transform them into unique and innovative designs.