Since our company has been founded in 2019, we designed and created four collections in our studio based in Eindhoven. Our expertise and qualities fit together perfectly as both have different backgrounds. Where as Roos is mainly a metalworker, geertje is a productdesigner. By combining our forces we have created the products that we sell today. Our jewellery is mainly made from recycled materials such as, Copper, Brass and Stainless steel. In combination with machines that are not compatible for creating jewellery. Because of this production our collections have rough and robust appearance which differentiates us from outher jewellery creators. All the products that you can find on our website are created in the Netherlands with a focus on sustainability.






We work a lot with factories that are not intended for the jewelry industry.
For example, the high- tech or the furniture branch, big rough machines!! Because of the way we work it is possible to produce in the Netherlands/Belgium.
This is not only very important for the results, but also good for the environment