We have created special pieces for gallery Adoráble. Before we only offered these jewelry pieces in brass, but for Collect London, we have made them in high-quality 24K gold plating with a thickness of 10 microns.

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Introducing THE OLONG COLLECTION. The idea of this collection came about when we started experimenting with residual materials and the use of a press machine.

We love to experiment and think of ways to reuse materials that might not otherwise be reused. The materials we found for this collection are leftover products from a punching machine used in a furniture factory. Because different furniture pieces are constantly being made with the machine, we ourselves have absolutely no control over the materials that are left over. We challenge ourselves to transform these materials into unique jewelry pieces. By making use of a press machine with a high pressure of sixty tons the residual materials can be compressed into our designs.

The pieces in this collection are all constantly renewed and innovated as we work with varying available materials, making each piece unique and imitable.

Material: 10 micron 24 K gold plated, base brass
Ear stud parts: 24K plated, base silver
Dimensions: (l x w x h) 46 mm x 35 mm x 1 mm
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: by pair 3,5 grams

All of our collections are locally produced. We work with factories that normally do not manufacture jewelry, but are often active in the high-tech or furniture industry. Making our jewelry in this unique way makes it possible for us to produce exclusively in the Netherlands where we can closely monitor the process. This is very important for the sustainable end-result of our jewelry.

This collection is completely REUSED. Because of this there may be small scratches on the product.

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Europe: 2-4 business days. (7,95)
World: 8-10 business days. (19,55)

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The chemicals in cleaning products, perfume, sunscreen and hairspray can damage your jewelry, so remove your jewelry if you come into contact with any of these products.

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