Max Zara Sterck & Tweek-Eek

Introducing the VES collection

Max Zara Sterck and Tweek Eek have joined forces, each bringing their unique design languages to the table. Through this collaboration, they’ve forged a powerful and innovative jewelry collection.

Max Zara is renowned for her designs that draw inspiration from the female body, viewing clothing as a natural extension of the body, with a keen focus on movement and expression.

This collection combines the femininity of Max Zara with the industrial approach of Tweek Eek, which designs from the perspective of materials and machines. During the process, Max Zara led us through her design journey, inspired by the vesica piscis. We began with a circular shape, which is a departure from Tweek Eek’s usual angular forms.

The collection serves as a representation of the collaboration between both designers.

Where fluid and tectonic structures meet

Max Zara Sterck & Tweek-Eek

The VES collection

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