Published on Februari 22, 2023


Even further than before


Geertje Eek

Co founder Tweek Eek

After two years of hard work on this engraving and milling project, the new diamond collection is finally available online. In producing of the diamond collection, we have gone even further than before. We now prevent waste instead of reusing it. And there’s more! For the full story, please visit our website products.

We hereby present our newest collection ‘the diamond collection’. The creation of this collection has taken a total of 2 years. Our design process is to consider first the material and what the machines can do, instead of making a design and then finding a suitable machine and material for it. In this case, we collaborated with an engraving milling company.

In the production process of the diamond collection, we went even further than before. While we normally already try to recycle or reuse waste, we have now started looking at how to avoid waste. This is done by placing our small jewelry between the production of other objects. Our jewelry is then milled out at the same time as the other objects that are normally high tech or furniture parts.

Because of this production process, one side is flat and the other 3d. This is because our products have to follow the production process of the other objects that the machine actually mills. By doing it this way, we not only ensure that there is less waste, but also that the machine only has to be turned on once. That in turn means fewer operations and less energy consumption.

Normally, the value of a diamond is in the scarce material it is made of and leaving it as untouched as possible. With us, it’s the other way around. Years of developing these pieces in an environmentally friendly and waste-free manner, and working with challenging machines that are absolutely not meant to produce our jewelry, make this collection truly unique and priceless.