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Our earrings are crafted from fair-trade gold, allowing you to enjoy exquisite jewelry without contributing to negative social or ecological impacts.

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Introducing THE OLONG COLLECTION. The idea of this collection came about when we started experimenting with residual materials and the use of a press machine.

We challenge ourselves to transform these materials into unique jewelry pieces. By making use of a press machine with a high pressure of sixty tons the residual materials can be compressed into our designs.

Materials: 14K solid gold
Dimensions: (l x w x h) XXS/XS/S/M x 5 x 1,6 mm
Warranty: 5 year
Weight: 10,93 grams
Limited edition: 21 pieces

What is my size? Take a measuring tape and measure the size of your wrist. The number of centimeters measured is your bracelet size.

Tight = wrist size – 1 cm
Normal = wrist size
Very loose = wrist size + 1 cm

Standard measurements:
XXS = 15 cm
XS = 16 cm
S = 17 cm
M = 18 cm
L = 19 cm

Tip: If you already have a comfy bracelet, measure the length of this bracelet in centimeters. This is your bracelet size!

We work in partnership with Pierredes, a Dutch company that, like us, uses only fair gold in the making of their jewelry. Gold mining is an unhealthy and dangerous process in which oppression and exploitation unfortunately often occur.

Pierredes produces all their jewelry from recycled gold, which means it doesn’t have to be mined again. They know exactly where the gold is coming from because they control the recycling process.

The company works with industrial machines such as computer controlled lasers or the 3D printer. Because of the use of these latest high-tech machines they are able to compete with the Asian Gold jewelry industry. Less manual work is required so the price stays affordable.


Ordered before 4 p.m., delivered next day.

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Europe: 2-4 business days. (4,00) (return prices)
World: 8-10 business days. (19,55)

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The chemicals in cleaning products, perfume, sunscreen and hairspray can damage your jewelry, so remove your jewelry if you come into contact with any of these products.

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