With a mindset without boundaries, this collection has emerged, showcasing jewelry that reveals who we are and where we stand as creators. Over the past year, we have grown, not only in business but also in craftsmanship.

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With a mindset without boundaries, this collection has emerged, where new constructions, patterns, and techniques have been experimented with. This collection was created with a limitless mindset, and the jewelry speaks for what Tweek-Eek stands for: high-quality yet affordable jewelry, locally produced, ethically responsible, and unique.

Achieving this ambition is no easy task. While the Netherlands is rich in furniture metal factories and has a thriving high-tech sector, it lacks specific jewelry factories. Conscious choices shape our path, where time is the biggest constraint because it is crucial to remain affordable. The Reform Collection has let go of time and has not been hindered by size, weight, comfort, or production time, with the goal of creating something unique.

By reusing and transforming materials, a raw, unpolished aesthetic is created—jewelry that reveals who we are and where we stand as creators, where every challenge has been embraced and transformed into something new.

Material: Stainless steel (reused)
Dimensions: (l x w x h) 212 mm x 5 mm x 15 mm
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: by pair 109,78 grams

All of our collections are locally produced. We work with factories that normally do not manufacture jewelry, but are often active in the high-tech or furniture industry. Making our jewelry in this unique way makes it possible for us to produce exclusively in the Netherlands where we can closely monitor the process. This is very important for the sustainable end-result of our jewelry.

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The chemicals in cleaning products, perfume, sunscreen and hairspray can damage your jewelry, so remove your jewelry if you come into contact with any of these products.

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