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Tweek-Eek designed a special massive gold jewellery collection, especially for Rademakers Gallery.


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Tweek-Eek designed a special massive gold jewellery collection, especially for Rademakers Gallery.

Tweek Eek’s signature is working with factories that normally do not manufacture jewelry but are often active in the high-tech or furniture industry. These companies work with sheet metal, and so our challenge is to transform this 2D sheets into 3D objects and shapes.

We also often use components in our collections that don’t belong in the jewelry world. Rivets for instance, which are mainly used in the shipbuilding and carpentry. In this collection we work with bolts. For us, these parts are the diamonds of jewelry.

For this collection, we designed the jewelry to consist of several layers, again creating the 3D effect that characterizes our brand.

The contrast between the technicality of the industry and the elegancy of our design makes our pieces bold but refined.

Special thanks to our wonderful goldsmith  Pierredes

Materials: 14 K solid gold Dimensions: ( l x b x h)
Left: 40 x 11 x 7 mm
Right: 26 x 13 x 7 mm
Warranty: 5 year

We work in partnership with Pierredes, a Dutch company that, like us, uses only fair gold in the making of their jewelry. Gold mining is an unhealthy and dangerous process in which oppression and exploitation unfortunately often occur.

Pierredes produces all their jewelry from recycled gold, which means it doesn’t have to be mined again. They know exactly where the gold is coming from because they control the recycling process.

The company works with industrial machines such as computer controlled lasers or the 3D printer. Because of the use of these latest high-tech machines they are able to compete with the Asian Gold jewelry industry. Less manual work is required so the price stays affordable.