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By creating this collection we have broadened our brand from only offering jewelry for women to a selection that can also be worn by men and everyone in between.

Unlike most of our jewelry, this collection is made of stainless steel which creates a rugged look for the wearer. Additionally, we have used sturdy screws and pop rivets in the designs to enhance this rugged style. We don't like residual waste, so we try to use the whole plate we use in this collection. We discovered new patterns with unique shapes in even the skeleton of the plate, so that we can indeed use it in its entirety.  

The techniques used combined with the fact that the collection is made entirely of stainless steel give the wearer a rugged look that can be worn by both him and her.

Material: reused stainless steel 
Dimensions: (l x b x h) 350 x 5 x 1mm
Warranty :1 year

All of our collections are locally produced. We work with factories that normally do not manufacture jewelry, but are often active in the high-tech or furniture industry. Making our jewelry in this unique way makes it possible for us to produce exclusively in the Netherlands where we can closely monitor the process. This is very important for the sustainable end-result of our jewelry.